Femmebit is a curated festival showcasing an all-female roster of LA-based creators cultivating the field of video art and new media.

Friday 11/18
6pm: Gallery and VR room opens
6:30pm: Livestream: VR demo with Casey Kauffmann (Founder, UncannySFValley) at— broadcast at HRLA
7pm: Panel: Joanne McNeil on Virtual Reality + Empathy with Natalie Sun
8pm: Screening: Video as Anatomy (includes work by Alex Pelly)
10pm: A/V performance with Pellyvision and Callie, courtesy Dublab

Saturday 11/19
2pm: Panel: Rebecca Allen, JJ Stratford, Shelley Holcomb (, Holly Willis, and Candace Reckinger
6pm: Performance and Screening: Anne Bray (Founder, Freewaves) presents 'Dis...Miss'
8pm: Screening: Heterotopias

Sunday 11/20
11am: Pre-Panel: Brunch
12pm: Panel: Artists as Brand Strategists, with Samantha Culp, Cofounder of Paloma Powers, and Brand Naming Strategist Alison Greenberg and Digital Brand Strategist, Jenna Isken of Siegel + Gale
2pm: Screening: Artists as Cooperatives

Featuring work by:
Alex Brown
Alex Pelly
Amanda Joy
Amanda Siegel
Ann Hirsch
Anne Bray and Dis…Miss
Annapurna Kumar
Camella Kim
Casey Kauffmann
Claire L. Evans
Claire Marie Vogel
Danielle Parsons
Eileen Cowin
Eva Aguila
Giselle Zatonyl
The Institute For New Feeling
Isabella Alburquerque
Jaqueline London
Jane Chang Mi
Jeanette Bonds
Jenny Sayaka Nono
JJ Stratford
Julieta Gil
Julie Weitz
Kate Hollenbach
Kate Parsons
Kim Ye
Kristel Brinshot
Laura Darlington
Maria Lynch
Mitra Saboury
Petra Cortright
Rachel Mason
Sarah Manuwal
Sarah Zucker
Sam Vernon
Selwa Sweiden
Suzy Poling
Yo-Yo Lin

Featuring panels with:
Samantha Culp (Co-Founder Paloma Powers)
Joanne McNeil (writer and former editor of Eyebeam and Rhizome)
Holly Willis (Chair of the Media Arts + Practice Division, USC)
Candace Reckinger (Professor of the Practice of Cinematic Arts, Director of the Jaunt Cinematic VR Lab)
Rebecca Allen (Founding Chair of UCLA Design Media Arts, Founding Director of Nokia Research Lab)
Casey Kauffmann (Artist and Creator of Uncannysfvalley)
Natalie Sun (Creative Technologist and Founder of Next Art).

Organized by:
Kate Parsons (Co-Founder, FLOAT)
Sharsten Plenge (Founder, WOAH –
Janna Avner
Giselle Zatonyl
Julieta Gil