Saturday, June 24, 2016


"To the makers of music-- all worlds, all times" 

In celebration of the Voyager Golden records (AKA "the Mixtape of the Gods") and the Voyager Interstellar Mission initiated by NASA in the late 1970s, Perpetual Dawn will enter the universal cosmic force on June 24th, 2016! 

Celebrating humanities quest to make contact with extraterrestrial beings while Paying homage to the mastermind behind the mission, astrophysicist Carl Sagan. 

Secure your spot on the Lunar Timeshare-- an electronic exploratory voyage for the rave at heart. 

Special Guest DJs : Aaron J ( Sure Thing Party and Mix series)

Cromie (States of Being, Peaches)

Special Guest live act: Baseck (Welcome Home Party!!!)

Residents : Kid606DahliaEric Parren

10pm-6AM $10 before 11, $15 after

Advance Discount Tickets up for sale soon at
Photography by Alex Brown
Visuals by Alex Pelly

Aaron J - Based in California and a physician by trade, Aaron J heads up the Sure Thing party and mix series, a project which has built a quick following for its support of boundary-pushing artists and new sounds on the rise. Aaron's DJ sets represent the Sure Thing ethos, echoing his curations by bridging the gap between the familiar and the unexpected while staying firmly rooted in the dance floor. Additionally, his own anonymous productions have seen airwave support from the likes of Hodge and Avalon Emerson, and are often made with specific sets in mind to ensure a one-of-a-kind performance.

Perpetual Dawn is a Berlin-inspired late night underground private techno party. It's like a Panorama Dive-Bar, or Micro-Berghain. Massive sound-system. Club Mate. Stone IPA. Hefe-Weizen. No EDM. No Ryanair. Costumes encouraged. Free EarPlugs. Free Snacks. 

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