• GATE - Gate is a free noise project of New Zealander Michael Morley, which began in the mid-'90s. Morley, who has also played in Dead C. and Precious Metal Inc., performed the thick, sonic improvisations that are characteristic of Gate on a tour with Keiji Haino and Thurston Moore in 1994. One of Gate's more widely available recordings, Live in Boston/NYC 1994 (Poon Village), comes from that year and features Lee Ranaldo and Zeena Parkins. Ranaldo and Morley also recorded in the studio, although this material has yet to be released. Gate has several subsequent releases on the Table of the Elements label, including Monolake (1997) and The Wisher Table (1999), as well as other releases on smaller independent labels such as Go For It and Siltbreeze.

Michael Morley will be joined by Gabie Strong and Christopher Reid Martin

• METAL ROUGE - Formed in Auckland New Zealand in 2005 by the duo of Helga Fassonaki and Andrew Scott, initially playing grimy freeform electric string music. After relocating to Los Angeles in 2007, the music took on the form of streamlined horizontal psychedelic continuums. They crafted an intensely personal brand of electrified minimal maximalism at the intersection of New Zealand free noise, NYC loft minimalism and free jazz. Drummer/trombonist Caitlin Mitchell joined from 2009 to 2011, bringing a more aggressive free rock aspect to the group resulting in the ‘Trails’ LP in 2010 and the ‘Then In Shadow’ tape in 2011. Their sets over the last two years have consisted of simple guitar figures strung around drugged minimalist drum pulses interspersed with explosive treble-heavy freeform ragas, fearless outré vocalese and horn accents. Currently bi-coastal with Andrew in Los Angeles and Helga in the New York City they continue to throw ideas across the continent some of which resulted in ‘Soft Erase’ LP (EC010, 2013) and ‘Gamble’ CS (DNT, 2014)

• TELECAVES - Juliette Amoroso and Elaine Carey Haswell craft heavy, improvised sonic arrangements with analog equipment and their shared psychological dysfunctions. Alex Pelly live-mixes VHS feedback textures overtop.

• PETER KOLOVOS - Over more than a decade Peter Kolovos has created an incredibly physical and dynamic musical language using the electric guitar. He plays music that unpredictably flows from electrified fragments of sound which fold and expand in dense layers… Rather than set harmonic or rhythmic structures, he draws form from open sequences of sound events merged and propelled by a distinct internal logic. In his music Kolovos attempts to erase the line between intent and impulse and to create sounds that are immediate and unrepeatable.

DJ Prickle will provide a lush soundtrack between sets

Non Plus Ultra // 4310 Burns Ave, Los Angeles, California 90029