Perpetual Dawn 12: PD <3 LA

Our one year Anniversary party…this is gonna be a special one!!! It's our Birthday but you are going to get all the presents!!! Perpetual Dawn Loves LA!!!

Clipping. - Live Set [ Sub Pop Records ]
Personable - M. Geddes Gengras Live Techno set! [ Opal Tapes, Peak Oil ]
Wet Mango - Live Set [Darkmatter]
+Special Surprise Guest DJs in the Chill out room

Residents: Dahlia, Kid606, Eric Parren , OonceOonce

Visuals by Alex Pelly

Photography by Alex Brown

9pm-5AM $10 before 11, $15 before 12, $20 after
Definitely buy tickets in advance to guarantee entry. 

Advance Discount Tickets up for sale at