Jonas Reinhard, Pod Blotz, Gregg Kowalsky and LFZ @ Non Plus Ultra


Friday, January 13 at 9 PM - 12 AM

All playing lived in the Bay Area and Oakland for many years and this show is in memory and in support of those affected by the Ghostship Fire. 

Proceeds from this show will be donated to

Jonas Reinhardt (Not Not Fun, Kranky)

In his art-rock, techno experimentations, Brooklyn-based Jonas Reinhardt fuses nostalgia for an electro past with new sounds of a hopeful, inspired present – his analogue creations, even at their quietest and most haunting, pulse with spirited rhythm and melody with an uncanny futurism.

Pod Blotz 

Gregg Kowalsky 


Live Video Syntheis by Alex Pelly
DJ Heavy Hymns will be playing records in between sets.