Thursday, July 19, 2018 / 9pm-2am

On Location began in 2012 in the bars and community centers that fill New York City. Setting up screenings or pitting performances in everyday spaces brought new life to the works, highlighting the social nature of making art in a city. But there were other stories to tell. Starting with community, Dirty Looks On Location is a festival for our streets. Playing with venues and meeting places that defined queer life in L.A., On Location 2018 was organized by 13 local curators, artists and promoters. 31 spaces across the 31 days of July, charting a progression of culture(s) using a month’s time.

Handbag Factory has served as a key performance space for Queer and Trans noise, video, and punk artists throughout it’s 7-year history. Handbag is situated in the rapidly gentrifying South Park neighborhood of Downtown Los Angeles and serves as a cultural oasis in a sea of cookie-cutter condos. Rooftop Party at Handbag Factory will feature performances by Gaylord Fiend, Poor Impulse Width Modulation, and VisionVision with live analog visuals by Alex Pelly.

Full event info here.