TELECAVES @ Hushe Clubbe

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016


Help heal our broken hearts with friendship, togetherness, and A/V weirdness beloved and inspiring to us, featuring performances by:

telecaves (Elaine Carey and Juliette Amoroso with live visual accompaniment by Alex Pelly

The Swinging Chandeliers (Sayo Mitsuishi and Joseph Hammer)

John Tottenham (a poet for people who dislike poetry)

DJ sets by DUBLAB's George Jensen and Ale Cohen

And resident globetrotter, DJ DON VAN BOLLES, who will just be returning from the incredible Utrecht Record Fair with a shit ton of amazing new / old records and an oh-so-charming eagerness to share them.

Original video screenings by Alex BrownJim Swill, and Jeanette Bonds featuring music by Force Placement and Kid606, alongside additional Youtube strangeness courtesy of Space Commander Sean Ellwood.

As always, this event will be free of charge.